Jealous of you


Have you ever been so jealous of someone you want to unfriend them in facebook? Well, I have. In fact, many times. I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse to have quite many friends that inspires you so much, but at the same time also make you realize that you’re kind of just nobody compared to them.

Not that i hate my life now. On the contrary, i love my life. I’ve been blessed for many things i’m sure someone else is envious of my life too (teteupp..). It’s just that some times, when i looked at my facebook timeline, or my twitter newsfeed, or whatever social media or news I follow, I can’t help but chuckling and mumbling my jealousy. Which is a good sign. A sign that you know, there’s still part of me that has that ambition. And when there’s ambition, there’s dream. And when there’s dream, there’s passion. And when there’s passion, there’s motivation. So yes, I still have that motivation to grow as a person, which is always a good sign.

I guess that is what’s called taking consequences of your life choices. One of them is having to admit you’re jealous of someone else’s life because that could’ve been you but is not because you did not make the same choices, you did not follow the same path, or you did not have the privilege of opportunities to do so. But I guess, grass is always greener on the other side, yes? Oh well.

Anyway, I guess I want to say congratulations to all of you I know are having changes in your life and starting a new phase of realizing your next dream. I’m jealous of you. But rest assured, I’m more happy for you than jealous. Good luck on your new journey!

Singapore, 11 July 2014


Fly my prayers to heaven


Fly my prayers to heaven

Tell them to those you meet all the way

Where skies and oceans are white as clouds

Where voices and faces of those beloved are near as heartbeat

Speak of my prayers as you would hear from me when you were on earth

Tell them to those I wish you would see, or I imagine you would see

Tell them that I’d hoped you would be like them

That I’d hoped you would be as kind, as smart, as devoted, as loving as they had when they were on earth

That I’d hoped you would be as kind, as smart, as devoted, as loving as those of them who are still on earth

That I am, that we are, that I was, that we were, happy when you were here

That I was, that we were, that I am, that we are, heartbroken when you are there

Whisper of my prayers to the dust and the wind

Send them back to me with smiles with hugs with kisses from those you meet in heaven

Tell me that they are, that you are, that they were, that you were happy as I imagine you would be

Tell me that they’d hoped I would be as strong, as forgiven, as wise, as courageous as I was when they were on earth

Tell me that they’d hoped I would be as strong, as forgiven, as wise, as courageous as I am when they are in heaven

And gather all the knowledge and the wishes and the prayers and the good things you learn from them

And fly back to my side on earth

And whispers all those things to my ears and my heartbeat

And bring me peace, in heaven and earth

May we all rest in peace, in heaven and earth

# Home/Singapore – 6 Dec 2013

Welcome Tjippie Tjuppie!


Hello Tjippie Tjuppie!

Welcome to our latest gadget collection. Soooo happy to have you, now I can type better in tablet. Although it’s yet to see whether you’re quite ok to be used in my blogging purpose. Hopefully. Probably still need to edit you in my Shifu though. *oh wow, just had a dejavu!

Anyway, this is a test item. Let’s see. Last word, welcome Tjippie Tjuppie!!

*Tjippie Tjuppie is a Surface Tablet running on Windows 8 RT.

Publikasi (2010): Surabaya’s Context of Community Involvement in Solid Waste Management


Publikasi keempat dalam hidup postgrad gw, adalah kembali ke konferens pertama terkait sampah yang pernah diikuti yaitu Japan Society of Material Cycle and Waste Management Experts. Konferens yang ke-21 kali ini bertempat di Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Kalo di konferens sebelumnya gw ngambil studi kasus di kota Jakarta, skarang ngambil studi kasus kota Surabaya yang pada saat itu adalah kota yang paling maju dalam hal manajemen persampahan berbasis masyarakat di Indonesia. Sayangnya karna jadwal konferens bertepatan dengan jadwal survey di mana gw udah terlanjur beli tiket pulang, gw ga bisa dateng dan presentasi. Alhasil si babeh 2 yang presentasi sementara posternya gw titip ke temen lab yang juga ikutan konferens itu. Ehm, tepatnya posternya gw kirim ke panitia konferens dan minta temen gw masang sih. Sedih siihh gak bisa ke Kanazawa, it’s one of the most memorable places I’ve ever been to in Japan. Kapan2 deh sharing2 tentang travel di sana. Tapi eniweiiii, apa boleh buat, kudu balik.

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Publikasi (2010): Examining Replication Effort …


Postingan ketiga berisi publikasi riset. Kali ini buat konferens regional di Taiwan. Sebenernya peserta konferens ini harusnya adalah pakar2 di bidang manajemen persampahan di mana si babeh 2 adalah salah satu anggotanya. Pas doi nyuruh ikutan, gwnya agak males2an gitu. Ya, mau sih, tapi babeh yang presentasi yaa. Kata doi, ya udah masukin poster aja deh, gak usah yang oral. Ya udah, jadilah gw daftar yang poster.

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Maraton Naruto Shippuuden


Jadi berapa hari lalu gw lagi kebosenan nonton tv, terus memutuskan untuk cari tontonan streaming. Baru inget kalo udah lama nih gak nonton Naruto Sippuuden, langsung buka laman streaming anime Jepun favorit. Pas ngeliat, wadahh, udah episod 300-an aja. Hmm, kayanya saat yang bagus nih buat nonton ulang. Critanya biar jadi pengisi waktu kalo bosen gitu.

Ternyata… salah besar. Yang ada, gw kecanduan.

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