Greetings, welcome note


Finally after several consideration, I started my own blog :D.. first thing that crossed my mind when I heard about people making their blog was ‘what for?’ (*Q style :D).. but then, a close friend of mine said:

‘well, you can’t meet your friends all the time, and when you meet them, it’s kinda tiring to tell them the same story of your life, your idea, your thoughts, and so on over and over again. instead, why don’t you say “see my blog?”… ‘

.. and I thought, she’s right… she’s so right! now I say “Welcome to my blog”, so then I can say.. “see my blog!”… 😀

However, I don’t intend to make you guys read some silly stories about me (who does anyway?), I just want to share some ideas, thoughts, facts, knowledge  quotes, lyrics, taglines, or whatever that I find interesting along my journey (if I can say my life as a journey). I would say this as one of my way to change the world. who knows if someday someone read my blog and it changes his life?? (haha~~ dream on! 😀 but hey.. there’s nothing wrong for being positively optimist right? :D)

well.. enough from me today.. have a wonderful day.. and enjoy!


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