I wish that I were you


Dear friends,

I’m listening to patty smith singing, ‘I wish that I were you….’.. and reminds me to a question I asked to some friends and then made me ask the same question to myself. If someone asked you a question: “whom would you choose to be if you were given a second chance to live”.. what would you say?

I’ve noticed, almost everyone I asked said: “I would say.. me.. better me”. which makes me wondering… why “me” .. why “better me”? Is it because they are satisfied with what thy have right now but still want to improve something? Is it because nobody has such a perfect life that they couldn’t think of someone to answer that question? Is it because they’re too afraid to live someone else’s life and choose the safe paths, the same paths they know all along, which is their own paths?

hmmm.. what’s your answer, Q? (that’s what I asked myself). I used to say.. I want to be like Mahatma Gandhi who changes almost everyone’s life in India, or Bill Gates who affects people’s life all around the world, or simply like my mom who stays with her saying work hard, play hard with your family. But now I’d say.. I want to be the same optimist and positive dreamer as myself now. Yap.. just like everybody else. I guess you don’t have to be someone else to be a better you. It’s true that sometimes we might have to live in someone else’s shoes .. it’s true that sometimes we want to run away or hide or just totally forget about our past and/or present lives and be someone else .. it’s true that at some points we once dreamt about living somebody else’s life, someone who is smarter, richer, more beautiful, more energetic, more passionate, more everything.. and so on.

But then, nobody’s perfect. Do you think you can survive their lives the way they do to survive until now, Q? Ooppsss… guess not.. maybe yes, maybe not.. but then, I wouldn’t be the same person I love rite now, don’t you think? Cliche, I know.. I guess I’m also the same ordinary person like everybody else no matter how hard I’m trying to make myself different ;P But, hell.. everyone’s unique ;P.. so I’m okai in terms of answering the question like everybody would.


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