[Book] The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency in Bostwana


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As what it says on the title, it’s about the first ladies detective agency in Bostwana, set up by a woman called Mma Ramotswe, and has a staff called Mma Makutsi who has 97-percent score at the Botswana Secretarial College. Mma Ramotswe thought that it must be a pity for Mma Makutsi who has such a high score, a very fine and smart lady, to spend her time working for the agency which is not so future-promising. But on the other side, a good business must have a secretary -or so she thought-, so if Mma Makutsi decided to work for the agency -which she did-, then Mma Ramotwe has to hire her.

This Mma Ramotswe also has a fiance (in the latest book I read, he’s still fiance, but the book after that I think he’s already became a husband), called Mr. JLB. Matekoni who owns a Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors and well known as the best mechanics in town. The stories are mostly about clients and their various problems, small problems, like for example… a woman who suspects her husband seeing somebody else, or a missing child, or a person suspected to do some fraud, small stuffs like that, but it’s very interesting and written in such a way that made me curious on what will happen next or how Mma Ramotswe will solve the case.

Additional Comments:

I unintentionally found a review on the latest book of Alexander McCall Smith’s today, at Asahi Shimbun homepage. And I suddenly remember that I love the series of The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency in Bostwana very much from the very first time I read them (thanks to Mbak Tari).

I agree so much on what it says at the review, as quoted here: “these are cheerful books that leave you feeling good about humanity no matter how much men and women wrangle or how much everyone sweats the small stuff.”. I think these books shows many moralities that is believed by African people, yet it is written in a simple style and reader-friendly (=you dont have to use so much space on your brain to understand what it says ) that by the end of reading them, I’m so sure that you will want to go to Africa. Well, in spite of the fact that it looks like everyone want to go to Africa, hehe..

Well, I am not going to talk more about the book, but I will suggest you, my friends, to read them. It’s so nice and funny and gives you a feeling of .. mmm.. how to say it… humanity might be the most suitable words to complete my sentence. I just love the books, as well as other books that brought this kind of sense to me. Maybe.. because I think when we live our life, sometimes it is such an ordinary life -either busy or not- that we dont bother to look closely at other people and get a sort of humanity sides on it, we need a reminder to remind us what it is like. And these kinda book work out really well as a reminder for me.

Rating ★★★★★


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