[Place] Shimokitazawa


yeap.. why? coz it’s all in here!

so if you plan to live in Tokyo for a few months, you can also consider to live somewhere near Shimokita (I dont know the rent prices, though). It’s not as busy as Shinjuku of course, not as fashionable as Shibuya of course, not so popular as Roppongi of course, but just at the right amount of everything..

And also.. it has one of my favorite shops, which is “Beaux Arts”. They sell everything, from clothes to shoes, from kitchen utensils to carpets, from clocks to notes, everything.. in a tasty style. (Check out the tagline: “We sell a tasty life”) .. Well, not so much stuffs and choices but quite okay. And also for Uniqlo-ers, there is one big Uniqlo store on the second floor of Gourmet City -in which you can also find cheap vegetables and meats for your daily food, especially at night when they have 50% discount-. Yeap, Uniqlo is there too, and has quite a lot of sale t-shirts and pants. So basicly, you can find everything in Shimokita..


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