[Quiz] Personality


What’s your morning personality?

Q, in the morning, you’re Still Sleepy!

Sleepyheads like you are the reason they invented the snooze button. “Another five minutes! Just another five minutes.” Okay, maybe one more…But eventually you do get up to face the day and arrive wherever you need to be in somewhat decent shape.

That said, after your initial reluctance to get out from under the covers, we’d guess you’re pretty eager to get your day going. And while you probably won’t be up with the roosters (or at least volunteer to be), you’re able to be surprisingly productive before noon. Sometimes you just may need a little nudge or strong cup of coffee to get going. Then you’ll be off and running!

What renews your spirit?

Q,  Spending Time with Loved Ones Renews Your Spirit

They say love conquers all — including stress. So when you’re feeling zapped, what better way to lift your spirits than by surrounding yourself with those near and dear to you? A little R&R with the ones you love can make all the difference for a caring and loving soul like you.

Generous and kindhearted, you’re probably always there for other people. So when you need a lift, why not pick up the phone? Reaching out to friends and family is the best way for a sweetie like you to feed your soul and refresh your outlook on life. Sounds good to us!

What inspires you?

Q, you’re inspired by Learning New Things

You can’t help but be amazed by all the wonders of the world, from the way things work to how your friends relate to one another. That’s because you’re an inquisitive individual with a sharp eye and a quick mind that never stops questioning.

Whether you’re spending hours glued to history programs or enjoy perfecting a new skill like anything from karate to knitting, you’ve got a serious thirst for knowledge. You probably constantly impress your friends with your diverse talents — and the facts at your fingertips. Besides, your constant curiosity charges you with a fun, childlike energy that others can’t help but get a kick out of. So keep on with your curious ways. You’re sure to stumble onto the next great thing any day now!

Walah Q.. dasar pemales.. bangun pagi aja susah!.. Pantes kaya gak smangat mulu.. nelpon ke Indo mahal siii.. disini nelpon sapa?.. .. Dan pantesan bangkrut .. learning new thingsnya by jalan2 mulu siiii.. Heuleuhh.. gimana ini?


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