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1. Shop for the Environment

Avoid over packaged products. Buy products in recyclable packaging and buy products made from recycled materials.

2. Get into Recycling

Most homes are located within reach of a bottle or can bank. Separate your bottles, cans and other recyclable items such as clothes and get into recycling

3. Say No to Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are the most visible item of litter on our streets and in the countryside. When you buy a newspaper or a bar of chocolate, tell the shop assistant you don’t need a bag. Buy some reusable bags for the supermarket

4. Compost your Waste!!!

Composting is an easy way to dispose of your kitchen waste and old newspapers to improve your garden.

5.Don’t Litter and Don’t Tolerate Those that Do

Most of us claim it’s our number one environmental problem, yet half of us admit to doing it.

6. Water is Life

The water we use in our homes is a valuable commodity. It has to go through a very expensive treatment process before we get it. Did you know that showers use less then half the water that baths do ? Or that a dripping tap loses hundreds of litres of water a year ? And instead of hosing your garden, why not use rainwater collected in a barrel ?

7. Dispose of Waste Liquids

Correctly avoid pouring these liquids down drains by making use of any special facilities in your area. Always carefully read the instructions on the packaging and dispose of safely. By doing this you will keep our rivers, lakes and seas clean

8. Do Short Journeys in Short Time

It takes ten minutes to walk a distance of one kilometer. It takes even less to cycle it. So ask yourself, do you really need to use the car for short journeys ? Especially when you remember that car emissions pollute the air and damage the environment.

9. Turn Down and Switch Off

Try not to overheat your home. Every one degree you turn down saves you 10% on your heating bill. Switch off lights when you leave the room and turn the TV off at the plug. A TV in stand-by mode can use as much as half the electricity as when it is turned on. Saving energy saves the environment.

10. Become label conscious

Choose energy labels A or B when buying a new washer, dryer, freezer or dishwasher. You will save energy and money.

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  1. hmm.. kalo dibilang ingin mengubah dunia sih gak juga, emangnya aye Tuhan.. hihi.. gue lebih klik dengan istilah kalo gue percaya kita bisa berbuat sesuatu untuk membuat dunia kita masing-masing jadi lebih baik.. ^_^.. kenapa dunia masing-masing? ya iyalah ya.. dunia gue yang penuh ‘hura2’ ini tentu aja beda ama dunia orang lain yang lagi kena konflik di belahan palestina sana.. ya gak sih? :D….hihi.. the point is.. gue percaya there’s always something we can do to make our world better, and I feel like owing that to myself and to people living side by side with me.. :)..

  2. Hmmmmdari beberapa postingan gw langsung tahu you just another ambitious girls yang ingin mengubah dunia. I just imagine manusia Indonesia beberapa ribu aja kayak gini, mungkin kedaan negeri ini gak semengenaskan saat ini hehehe

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