[Language] Everyday I learn


I’m gonna miss Monday..

First Monday of our class in April, a beautiful teacher came in and started to speak in Japanese. Her name is Takahashi Sensei. Suddenly I thought this class is going to be tough. I looked at the person sitting next to me. His name is Song-San. He is Korean. It should be easy for him. Perhaps I could ask him to teach me Japanese. Later I found out, he almost always missed our class, and class was not that tough, and Takahashi Sensei is strict only about time. That’s why I should wake up early.

I’m gonna miss Monday.. because every Monday I learn about waking up early, and counting on myself.

I’m gonna miss Tuesday..

Second Tueday of May, I missed the class. We learned about ~ shi, ~ shi. I sent a message to Rin-San, a Chinese girl, about my absence. It was in Japanese. I didnt know if it was the right Japanese or not, but she gave me courage on that. Then I remembered the beautiful Iranian girl who sits next to her. Her name is Behi-San. She is often worried about her entrance exam, so she studies hard for it, and Japanese at the same time.

I’m gonna miss Tuesday.. because every Tuesday I learn about courage, and hard work.

I’m gonna miss Wednesday..

Third Wednesday of June, we reviewed Minna no Nihongo 2. I looked at my energetic teacher, Dooi Sensei. She seemed so happy. Like always. Then I looked at Brazilian guy sitting next to her. His name is Mario-San. He looked sleepy. Ahhh.. for sure.. he was watching world cup the day before. Yet, that day he still came. Like always. Never missed one class.

I’m gonna miss Wednesday.. because every Wednesday I learn about spirit, and commitment.

I’m gonna miss Thursday..

Forth Thursday of July, I’ll be sitting and listening to people’s speech. Reminiscing other Thursdays when Paul-San, the Canadian guy, did his presentation about Kappa, or told sensei about cockroach in his room, or when he was asking things about robot. Remembering other Thursdays when Mathias-San, the Norwegian guy, sharing many things about Japan, with his huge warm smile, blue eyes, and friendly face.

I’m gonna miss Thursday.. because every Thursday I learn about curiousity, and warmth.

I’m gonna miss Friday..

Every Friday in August, I wont be having anymore Nihongo class by Moriizumi Sensei. She used to be so patient on us. I wont also be hearing any comments about women from Miro-San, a Swedish guy. Sometimes he made it sounds so difficult to understand women, while in fact, it’s not difficult. Maybe it’s because he’s a man.

I’m gonna miss Friday.. because every Friday I learn about patience, and man’s way of thinking.

Everyday I learn from all of them. Everyone, thank you so much.

-made for Nihongo Intensive Course Closing Ceremony on 27th of July 2006, english ver.-


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