What have you done today? [08-09.09.2006]


Hmm.. again yesterday I was too lazy to write on my what-have-you-done-today’s list.. so I write now for 2 days…



* I was on time for an appoinment with a friend. So glad we found what he was looking for. And fortunately he is a almost-zero-complaining kinda person, so I’m always happy to meet him. Plus, he almost always facinates me with his broad knowledge on many things (so contradictive with my short memory lost term.. haha).. plus a Baskin Robins’ berry cheesecake and choco brownies made my day whenever I’m going out with him. Be patient, Bang.. you’re that close to the stars.. and they say sky is the limit.. You proved them wrong, didnt you?


* I missed my Aikido class



* I finished my work for JICA resource person.. next step.. practicing my English by reading it outloud


* I managed to get out from my room, and attended the meeting for a student association. Wanted to be a cheering committe rather than sit on steering committe, I was totally messed up.. I got selected for becoming the treasurer for the next period. Not that it’s not an interesting position, it’s just.. I got fed up by being a treasurer.. and I dont didnt want to be involved more deeply with the organization. I prefer being on the cheering committe. Damn.. my charm was animasi bayi nangistoo strong, I got selected.. well.. what more can I say..

* AYF.. haven’t done it at all..
* missing my Hippopotamus soooo badly.. huwaaaaa…

By the way.. want to keep a reminder here.. I MUST practice my news announcing things.. last week I was so messed up.


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