Which one?


For women..

Which one is worse:

He’s falling asleep during sex


He’s falling asleep during conversation ?

Well, haven’t checked on the first one yet though, but.. if I had to imagine which one is worse… hmm.. I think.. I’d vote for the second.. don’t you think?

What do you gals think?

PS: I’m not talking about you, dear.. I’m just wondering.. 😛


5 responses »

  1. yang pertama!!! kasian banget pasangannya kalo kita tiba-tiba ketiduran pas lagi ml… huahuahuauhaa

    hehehe… gw sih gak kebayang.. bisa2nya ketiduran lagi gitu ya? kekekekkk…

  2. Q,
    Since I’m not ‘gals’ so I wont answer the question…

    Nope… I slept when talking with you. I also slept during s*x… but definitely not with you. In fact, I slept all the time =)

    hey.. it’s open for answers from guys too ..
    about ur comment on wiku.. oh dear.. poor wife you’ll have later..

  3. Hmmm…. I don’t know. I don’t think that the first options is possible… well… not that I know of 🙂 So… maybe the second. But again, will you ever in a relationship with a woman whose speeches will make you sleep?? Well… maybe…. but hopefully not 😀 hehehe…

    Goys: What… you slept while talking to her? Wow… man. I thought that you only slept when I talk to you too long… :p hehehheehh

    possible wik.. kata novel en film si gitu.. hehehe..
    about goio.. so you know what I’m talking about!.. hhh..such a relieve 😀

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