Thank you A-FF Lab!


10 minutes before the time I set to go home tonight, I finished organizing all the papers, reports, etc that were downloaded in the past 3,5 years. Last job would be to cut and paste it to its new folder I have prepared before. But, being hungry and sleepy, I mistakenly deleted some folders and files I still need. OUCH!!!

Panicked, buzzed ~G for instant help. Within seconds, he replied back with several programs for undoing the deleting part. *Oh how I love him for being soooo dependable!*.

After several trial-version program (damn you, trial version!), one free program proved to be the best solution. I recovered all my mistakenly deleted files and folders within seconds. YAYYY!!..

Ladies and gentlemen, if you ever, everrr, do a stupidity that I just did tonight, try the NTFS Undelete by the A-FF Data Recovery Lab. Follow all the instruction listed there, and voila.. your data is back..

With this post, I’d like to thank the A-FF Team so much for developing the software. Absolutely LOVE IT! and also to my dear ~G for finding this software for me. Absolutely LOVE YOU!


1. Of course I did not follow all the instruction, how was I supposed to know that we are not supposed to save any file or install any application? To those who did this before installing the software, let me tell you to not worry, I retrieved all my lost data even after I installed some useless trial-version softwares.

2. What happen tonight reminds me of how valuable it is to always have some spare stationaries. A blank CD or DVD is a must in the recovery process, as well as a portable harddisk or flash disk.


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  1. I believe the reason that they say ‘not supposed to save any file or install any application’ is to minimize the chances of damaging the file that you are trying to retrieve. I guess you were lucky that the useless trial-version application was not written at the same location of your files (overwrite). Check this link for more understanding:

    Anyhow, it was great that you can get them back, dear.

    Last but not least, love you too :-).

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