Are you a bookaholic?


Okay, I admit, I am a bookaholic. I got 25 yes, do I need some help?

You know you’re a bookaholic when…

  1. All the local librarians know you by name. Nope, library is a luxury here. I mean English library
  2. You take your book everywhere you go. Yes
  3. If you LOVE the smell of musty pages. Yes
  4. You can’t leave a bookstore without buying something, even when you have a “to-be-read” pile a mile high. Yes
  5. When you discover you just bought a book you already have. Yes, many times
  6. When you have spent your paycheck and then realize you forgot to buy groceries. Yes
  7. When you talk to people using quotes from your favorite books. Nope, (un)fortunately, I have a rather-short-term memory problem
  8. You select your handbags based on whether they are big enough to fit a book. Yes
  9. When it even rubs off on your kids: “What should we do today kids?” :Is the library open?” “No, not today.” “How about the used book store, then?” “No, not today.” “Well, how about the mall book store?” “The mall on a Sunday? It’ll be swamped.” “Let’s just stay home, then I can finish my book.”Don’t know, don’t have kids yet
  10. In planning your house remodel, it’s a tough call on whether to make the last room a nursery or a library. Don’t know, don’t have kids yet. But I definitely can imagine this situation
  11. You get stung by a bee while lying beside the pool, run screaming toward the house, but stop to grab your book…which is lying on your lounge. Nope, never get stung by a bee
  12. Re-reading an old favorite, you find traces of all the meals you spent reading on the page. Yes
  13. Bonus bookaholic points if you can identify the stains: “Oh, yeah–that was the hot sauce from Taco Bell”. Yes
  14. Most of your friends wont lend you books anymore because they never get them back. Don’t know, maybe?
  15. When most of your books are crumpled and musty because you read them in the bath despite the steam. Yes, but this is because of G, although I have to admit that I did that sometimes.
  16. You don’t want to lend your books to anyone because you might not get them back. Yes, sorry 😀
  17. You like to treasure your books in case you decide to re-read them again later. Yes
  18. When you google “books read by famous people” so you can get new suggestions of books to read. Yes
  19. You go out for insoles and come back with 6 books and no insoles. Yes
  20. You scribble out six book recommendations on a scrap of paper for the checkout assistant who remarks on one of your purchases. Nope
  21. You can recommend a whole list of books for any person you know. And I mean anyone. Even those who don’t necessarily read books. Yes
  22. You go to a bookstore and realize you’ve read all the books in your favorite genre section. Nope, don’t have the money to buy all of them, and as I said before, English library is a luxury here.
  23. You start reading a book and once you finally decide to stop reading, you notice that 3 hours have gone. Yes. In fact, soo yess..
  24. When stay up all night looking online for new books to read and you don’t stop at ten books. Yes
  25. You have three wish lists on 1. Books that you really want to read; 2. medium priority books; 3. Out of print or hard to find books. Yes, not on though
  26. You bring your book at a noisy concert and even a car race. Yes
  27. When you wake up with a book hangover after only getting one hour of sleep; because you had to finish the end of a book. A very YES
  28. When you’re reading a series finish one of the books, and must rush to the nearest bookstore in the morning to get the next book in the series. Yes
  29. You have a small book-shelf in your bathroom. Yes, I’m building one in the bathroom at the moment, and I definitely have one in the toilet 😀
  30. You miss your stop on the tube or bus (again) because you were so absorbed and feel secretly please when you have to get off and wait for another one in the other direction, meaning that you can have 15 more minutes reading. Yes, hahaha, this is so true.
  31. When you call in sick to work because you just have to stay at home and read your new book that you’re so excited about. Yes, thank God I’m a student 😛
  32. As a child, you drove your mom crazy by bringing a book or two everywhere with you, even the grocery store. At one point, a dictionary went along too. and your goals of your summers were to read over 100 books. Yes for all, except for the last one, I know I’m bad at realizing goals

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