Afternoon “galau”


I can’t believe I have so many plans for after graduation! Are they just some motivational reasons to graduate, or do I really want them?

Never know, unless you try, no?

Before that,

Never try, unless you graduate, ok?

Is it just me and my too-many-plans thing, or does other people also feel this way?

# Lab cubicle on 9.9.11; 18:09. am having those moments. God, will I ever graduate?

PS: another question: is there any support group for post-grad students? I think it’s extreeeeemely important! Especially since post-grads are getting younger every year, can you imagine how many “galau” and “labil” days they’d be experiencing?

(“galau”: confused, slightly depressed, a bit lonely. “labil”: unstable. Both are Indonesian slang.)


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    • hmmm.. tampaknya phdcomics itu sangat amerika skali. kayanya di jepun, gak banyak yang ngena gitu … *secara orang2 laen pada rajin2 amat 😀

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