… is easier said than done.

I used to list multi-tasking under strengths. Not anymore. Now, I think it kind of proves that one is easily distracted, potentially under-performed, and not focused.

No, I’m not talking about cooking, while texting, watching tv, and talking to someone at the same time. Well, even in activities as simple as those can be disastrous (at least for your cooking). I’m talking about multiple reports, writing academic papers, working on dissertation, making conference presentation slides, preparing for examinations… all with deadlines close to one another.

Me? I’m going crazy now. Ask G. He’s been complaining about my excessive complaints. And I fired back at him, “Don’t you dare complaining about me complaining! Grhhhh.” *evil eyes*. I wonder why he still loves me.

But people, I suggest you, never… list multitasking as a strength in an interview.

– Tokyo, 30 Oct 2011, on the verge of nerve-breakdown-


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  1. Noy, my close friend who had psychology as her educational background once said: there’s no such thing as multi-tasking. The brain can only focus to one thing at a time. So all those watching tv, cooking, texting, talking, thinking and scratching your itchy heads are merely just switching your head from one task to another in a rapid time. And I tell you, it can be disastrous 😛 Personally, I don’t believe in multi-tasking anymore and more concern in time management. That is two minutes of texting, two minutes of writing, two minutes of tweeting, two minutes of sipping coffee… 😛

    • Yes, you’re so damn right! Time management, exactly. Does your friend happen to have any working solution to lazyness? I often found myself in such a tight schedule because of my tendency to procrastinate in the name of ‘enjoying time while you have it’.

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