The final step, over


Alhamdulillahh… the last step is finally over.

It feels great, a huuuugeee burden is lifted from my shoulder. Now I’m ready to move forward and start living again. I’m done with student life. It’s time to grow up, embrace life, and welcome change. So EXCITED!

And now I can finally say:

“Daddy, I made it ^^. So sad you are not going to be here to see me officially hold the degree. But I’m sure somewhere up there, your spirit is watching me, and I know that you’re smiling at me.”

No announcement yet on the result, but since I’m such a confident person :D, and the exam went well, I think I’ll pass.

*Ditulis tepat setelah ujian akhir defense disertasi doktoral pada tanggal 9 Februari 2012, di Tokyo Tech, Suzukakedai Kampus, G5 Lt.2, 11.00 JST.


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  1. omedeto mbak qnoi, sukses selalu buat mbak dan semoga ilmunya berguna buat masyarakat dan bangsa. anugerah yang besar memiliki tanggung jawab yang besar pula. sukses selalu,,
    saya berharap saya bisa seperti mbak juga

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