[Personal] 2013 Resolution


Now, a little thing to start my writing habit, and to start my 2013. A list of new year’s resolution:

1. Memasteri cara memasak makanan sehat yang enak. Master how to cook tasty healthy food.

2. Lebih sehat dan kuat. Be more healthy and strong.

3. Belajar bahasa baru. Pick up a new language

4. Lebih berkomitmen dalam mewujudkan resolusi2 sebelumnya, dalam menulis, dan dalam kegiatan volunteering. Be more committed in achieving resolution no.1-3, in writing, and in volunteering.

5. Nyoret minimal 2 hal lagi dalam wishlist in life. Cross off at least two more things in my wishlist in life.

Okay, that’s about it. Shouldn’t be a long list of resolution. The more you have it, the more difficult it becomes. Rite?


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