The big pond


Day 10 of the earthquake, i’m phasing out from the response work in the office. Back to daily routine with a bit of involvement here and there to the response. One thing that stands out is that a lot of our team have now move to Kathmandu to start the work and operations shifted to the team in Nepal as of today. Which means the office is a lot more quiet than the last 9 days. As food was catered for lunch and dinner at 30 pax, there’s a lot of food wasted as well. Jerry and I went down to the first and second floors, even the next building to WWF to see if anyone wanted to join the dinner.

Anyway, he and I were talking about what we have learnt throughout the response. One word, fascinating. Came to a conclusion that we’re quite good at coordinating things in a very big and complex organisation as Save. I can only imagine what it looked like back then before our unified presence, must be a nightmare for government to deal with us haha. And also that it’s a very capable organisation. And to reiterate the obvious, ambitious. At $85m appeal funding target, and able to get 30% of it in the first 10 days, how can I not say that.

This is the big pond that I’m swimming. Whether i’ll continue swimming there or not, can’t say yet. But I quite like the idea of dreaming big. Wait, let me correct that, I like the idea of being ambitious. The next step for me is to learn how to deliver the ambition. I think that’s going to be my learning goal in the organisation.

#Singapore, 4 May 2015, waiting for bus at Tanglin CC 


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