Life is good. Alhamdulillah..


I was sitting in the sofa of our living room, eating fruit soup that my father used to make for us, of course with a little adjustment on the ingredients. And suddenly it hits me, that life is good. And for that, I thank God, alhamdulillah.

A few weeks ago, I went through a depressive week. G could feel that, colleagues turned close friends could feel that, even my orchids could feel that (one of them died). As a piscean, depressive is one of my traits. We are going through eternal self-questioning: is this what life is about, am I choosing the right path, how do I guide myself towards what I want to achieve, what is it that I want to achieve, and a thousand of other questions. And when the planets don’t aligned, life is so depressing.

Although, I also know the cure to that feeling. At one point, I decided to do just that self-medication: getting it all out and let the problems sort themselves. Take a deep breath and meditate, and the sudden clarity will come (often at odd times). It did come. Once the action was taken, a big burden was lifted from my shoulder, and I was a lot happier. This is a pattern that I followed throughout my adulthood, when I got to know myself better. I think that’s the point of adulthood, to get to know yourself better and make a sound decision based on your true self and what you think is right. Only after you do that you can call yourself an adult. Which I should admit, is not an easy thing to do.

Anyway, it seems that the planets are aligning again. The small pieces of the jigsaw that I didn’t understand start to make sense now. The message is clear, that life is good and for that I thank God, alhamdulillah.

# Home/Singapore; 17.00 SGT


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  1. What was your meditation practice? I’m curious 🙂
    This comes as a surprise to me, I thought you always have all figured out. Hugs and a shout out that everything is going to be amazing!

  2. Kak kino, the same things happen to me lately. And i’m still ongoing to figure it out. Thanks for sharing.

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