Stimulating your creative imagination


Yesterday I found myself on the low side. There’s this new project at work that I’m not quite sure how to take on for many reasons. Challenging, yes. But comes with it is a lot of uncertainty. And with uncertainty comes the questions of boundaries. And I don’t work very well when I don’t know the boundaries, this much I know.

So this morning, I decided to try something and approach my anxiety in a different way. I picked a book called ‘The book of Doing and Being’ by Barnet Bain. I remember reading a few chapters before and felt like picking it up again when experiencing a mental block with work. It’s a book about unleashing our creative energy needed for whatever reasons we have. And I say I need the boost right now. To be a high performer, you need to be self-aware first, right?

I am starting my day with a useful exercise that is worth sharing here. The aim of the exercise is to stimulate your creative imagination, the first step towards releasing your creative energy.


Part I

Take a few moments to close your eyes and allow your project to fully enter into your awareness. Ask these questions to yourself:

  • Smell. If your project had a smell or fragrance, what would you imagine it would be?
  • Touch. If you could physically touch your project, what would it feel like? texture? warmth?
  • Taste. If you could taste your project, what flavors or taste sensations would you experience?
  • Sound. If your project had a sound, what would it be?

Part II

Imagine your project is already complete. Consider it from the perspective of different aspects of yourself. What do they want you to know or understand about your project, and what led to its successful completion? Let yourself see a word, phrase, symbol or image. Trust the images, colors, sensations, feelings, ideas and inspirations that come to you. Go back to the previous part of this exercise and see how it helps you to complete the sentences below:

  • Your confident self says: …
  • Your accomplished self says: …
  • Your abundant self says: …
  • Your higher self says: …
  • Your child self says: …
  • Your analytical self says: …
  • Your feeling self says…
  • Your other aspect of consciousness says: …

– END – 

I have to say that it’s quite a refreshing exercise. Such a confidence booster! Anyone who knows me know that I am quite a confident person. I think the correct term would be I am quite good in self-motivation and boosting my own confidence, constantly. The exercise is very good for this process.

It allows me to see the project in a different way. Not focusing on the output, i.e. the objectives I have to achieve, but focusing on the process, i.e. how to get there. Focusing on output makes me approach things in a set-in-stone process, which is defining steps, resources, action points, etc. Obviously, this is what we all need to do on most occasions to work effectively. However, focusing on the process allows me to explore what the options are, the best way of approaching things or people, the best timing to do so, etc. Basically, more freedom for exploration. It works for this particular project mostly because, for me to achieve the objectives, I need to get other people to do actually do things. And the writer nicely put a reminder that ‘if you give your creative projects to logic alone, it will diminish them’.

I still don’t know what or how I’m going to do my project, but having done the exercise, I feel less nervous and anxious. Self-awareness first, right?

Anyway, try it! You might be surprised of the result.


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