Do with joy


In the world full of chaos and loneliness, no wonder why so many people want to be a writer. How else are you going to channel your thoughts or having a nice conversation without being judged or criticized? Other people are too busy with their own lives and problems to listen to your ramblings, no?

Yet, there should be a clearer definition of writing as a profession. It’s not just a stream of words coming out of your head. It seems to require a lot of thinking and judging and logical thinking, or what have you. “Duh!”, says all real writers would say.

Ahh, can I ever dream to be one of them? My writings, all of them, are streams of words coming out straight from my head, if not from my heart. It’s not even a writing, it’s just a record of what I am feeling.

Anyway… Start small. Remember the reason. Do with joy. Strive for self-satisfaction. Look inward, not outward. All of these will bring happiness in life.



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  1. It is interesting. I use writing to channeling my thoughts and feelings, and how I love the process of reshaping words and lines to form a solid piece. I wish I was a writer, but once I got the chance to be a paid writer, the fun dissappeared. Now I reserve writing as something personal, something that I enjoy without having the money involved 😉

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