Missed connection


Every one of us must have experienced this at some point. The feeling of regret of not saying hi to someone that we’re interested in, of not starting a conversation with that person, of not asking to meet them some place some time, or perhaps… of not saying sorry because you did them wrong. The looking back to the past and wondering what would’ve happened if we did that back then. Doesn’t mean that we’re not happy where we are now. In fact it doesn’t mean anything, except for one: curiosity.

I am reading this wonderful book, an illustration to be exact. Missed Connection, by Sophie Blackall. And I can’t help but reminiscing back and ask, do I have any? And of course I do. Of course you do. To some, it might be a strong one. To others, it might be just passing by. The one that came to my mind right away is a combination of both. Funny, how a connection can be a strong one but you can let it just passes you by. If it was strong, naturally we wouldn’t want to miss it, no?

So I was asking myself, why was it a missed connection? Well, this is where a hoarder-me becomes handy. You see, 12 years ago I decided to document all text messages and memorable emails from my closest people. (Yes, all of you! I documented all your past ‘crimes’!). And there was one folder, that I read this morning, with all these memories of this one person. I remember we were in such a good term. But just like that we stopped talking. I don’t even remember when it was, but it does leave me with one question: why did we?

I couldn’t find the answer no matter how hard I tried. After much thought, I suppose that in the end, it was just a story not meant to be. It’s just, afterall, a missed connection.

Think about it… do you have a story like this?

PS: For the fun of it, my missed connection ad would be: “The guy in red jacket. I texted. You emailed. We were supposed to meet. Life happened. We never did. We should re-connect someday. Good friends are hard to find.”


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