Fall Apart Today – Schuyler Fisk


I don’t want us to fall apart today or ever. You’re the one who said you’d never leave. There’s no good reason for giving up. And all this mess is just bad luck. So please don’t lose your confidence in me.

I wish I wasn’t so fragile ’cause I know that I’m not easy to handle.

Oh baby please, don’t forget you love me. Don’t forget you love me today.

I don’t wanna feel like this but I’m so tired of missing you. I don’t wanna beg for your time. I want you mine, all mine.

I bet you smile when you think of me. You love me, messy in the morning, freckles on my knees.Oh baby please…

Oh baby, sweet baby oh. Oh my baby, sweet baby. Don’t forget you love me…

-Fall apart today, Schuyler Fisk-


Love is not all roses. Even roses wither. Love is… what you give to yourself first before you can give to other. Because you cannot give what you do not have. 

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