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Hello world!

I assume only few people read this blog, given that I blog for myself and for my closest friends/relatives to keep tabs on me. A short introduction, I am usually called Qnoi [pronounced kee-noy] by friends, a native Indonesian, coming from Eastern Indonesia but went to study in Java. I then lived in Japan for about 6 years for my post-graduate degrees, and now am living in Singapore with my dear husband.

Given that I am a Piscean, I am really a little bit of everything.. -. That’s why you’ll find a whole lot of different things going on in this blog, and I find it essential to explain the blog structure. Basically, there are four main pages as you can see:

1. Home introduces you to me and this blog, obviously.
2. Explore contains an index of posts arranged based on Categories and date of writing:

    • Bulletin Board is where I put useful information, tips, or experience, and my favorite things worth sharing
    • Daily Journal contains personal jottings and reminders, thoughts, ideas, short stories, imaginary dialogues, and the likes
    • Lovelife keeps stories about my own love life and about the more general theme of love
    • Projects puts together writings related to my professional life, academic life and personal projects
    • Rubbish is where I channel all my frustration, anger, or depressive sadness
    • Travelogue records experiences during traveling

3. Read it! is where you can find excerpts of all posts
4. Selected Blogs shows links to my favorite blogs

Since I write in different languages, I also use Tag to sort the posts. You can access Categories, Tag, and “Search” features on the right sidebar.

One important note is that I reserve all rights of all academic-related writings that are published here. I am, for one, a scholar, and I take a very firm stand on plagiarism. If you’d like to use parts or a whole writing, please contact me first. None of the contents have been published unless mentioned so, making it not valid for academic reference. Also, please do remind me if you notice anything resembling plagiarism in this blog.

All in all, I hope you can get the information you’re looking for and that you can get to know me a little better. To contact me, you can leave comment in the form below or in each posting.

Enjoy reading!