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Learning from Lucy


Most of you must’ve been familiar with the new member in our family, Lucy Loo. I often post about her in my IG account, sometimes in other socmed sites although not so often to avoid my mom knowing about it. Yes, as a devout Moslem, she would be quite dissapointed (or annoyed?) with Lucy’s presence in our lives. Many people, my mom included, believe that as a Moslem, you shouldn’t have dog in your house. I don’t understand this concept though. After some traveling abroad, I am almost convinced that this concept is more cultural than religious. But I don’t like seeing my mom being upset for what I see as a small thing, so I decided to keep her in the dark about Lucy.

That’s quite unfortunate for her though because Lucy is such an adorable being. Totally opposite of her rather scary all-black look, she’s very, very sweet. Polite may not be the right word, but I’ve never met a dog with such a good and gentle personality. She doesn’t really drool (yaiks!), doesn’t bark, doesn’t jump. She follows orders (most of the time), comfortable with strangers or new space, okay with vet or car trips. And lately she’s shown us her playful side, which is very cute. I have to admit that she’s much more than what we expected. I did ponder a lot about adopting a dog because it could be handful. Do we really want to have such a big responsibility? Well, it turned out that adopting Lucy is one of the best life decisions we ever made! Here are a few personal reason why it is so.

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Missed connection


Every one of us must have experienced this at some point. The feeling of regret of not saying hi to someone that we’re interested in, of not starting a conversation with that person, of not asking to meet them some place some time, or perhaps… of not saying sorry because you did them wrong. The looking back to the past and wondering what would’ve happened if we did that back then. Doesn’t mean that we’re not happy where we are now. In fact it doesn’t mean anything, except for one: curiosity.

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Ngopi doeloe (coffee first)



G: Where are you now?

Q: Ngopi Doeloe (a cafe name in Bandung, translated as ‘coffee first’)

G: I know, but where are you?

Q: Ngopi Doeloe!

G: Yes, but where is the place where you’re having your coffee?!! *annoyed*

Q: NGOPI DOELOE!!!! The place is called Ngopie Doeloe, we passed this place yesterday! *super annoyed*

G: Oh.


G: Where are you now?

Q: The Book Cafe (a cafe name in Singapore)

G: Uuuuww.. where is that, sounds interesting!

Q: River Valley

G: Where?

Q: The Book Cafe

G: I know, but where?


G: Oh God, it’s Ngopi Doeloe all over again.



Do with joy


In the world full of chaos and loneliness, no wonder why so many people want to be a writer. How else are you going to channel your thoughts or having a nice conversation without being judged or criticized? Other people are too busy with their own lives and problems to listen to your ramblings, no?

Yet, there should be a clearer definition of writing as a profession. It’s not just a stream of words coming out of your head. It seems to require a lot of thinking and judging and logical thinking, or what have you. “Duh!”, says all real writers would say.

Ahh, can I ever dream to be one of them? My writings, all of them, are streams of words coming out straight from my head, if not from my heart. It’s not even a writing, it’s just a record of what I am feeling.

Anyway… Start small. Remember the reason. Do with joy. Strive for self-satisfaction. Look inward, not outward. All of these will bring happiness in life.